The shock of the reality might be a little disturbing due to the difference between the known and the unknown, and we are only looking at the reality of the situation or the situation that people are facing at any given moment in the life of the family, in society and in business, where you are înterpun various problems, some of the confusion, that will be identified in a timely manner, in a manner that is professional and confidential.

We are a privately owned company, comprised of detectives, professionals, and officials who, through the activities of investigation and surveillance, according to the law, studying and researching your case, by ensuring in the first place discrețiea of the investigation.


  • The client is the only beneficiary of the information requested and obtained by the teams of "us".
  • We offer cost effective and prompt resolution of every case, either from a legal or privacy;
  • We have tools, knowledge, training, equipment and specific expertise required in order to be able to solve the most complex of cases.
  • We operate on the territory of Romania and abroad.
  • We are at the client's disposal 24 hours on 24;
  • We offer free consultation before taking your case as well as during the course of the investigation / surveillance / monitoring;
  • Our customers are always treat you with respect and understanding;
  • Immediately;
  • The teaching of the evidence that is requested by the beneficiary within the deadline set.
  • Our goal is to find the truth in the cause for which we were hired to do.