A lot of people stating that I'm telling the truth, or that they are innocent.

In Romania, the test shall be carried out only with the written consent of the person, and the refusal of the test on the lie detector test does not cause any legal effects.

The purpose of the operations of THE AGENCY's INVESTIGATION, HERACLIS, is to separate the facts from all of the factors that are irrelevant and get to the bottom of exactly what really matters to our customers. A test of lie detector, also known as the test of a lie detector measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, while the subject answers a series of questions. The test is based on the theory that false answers triggers a physiological response that can be differentiated from those caused by the real answers.

The test is carried out in accordance with the standards of the methodology in place, the equipment is certified, and the procedures are approved. The examinations can be carried out at our premises.



I don't want to be subjected to the test of the polygraph the following categories of persons:

Cases which require the test

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