What are the services of of investigation and insurance fraud?

In Romania there is no statistical certainty of the weight of the fraud, and the majority of the frauds are most of the times, to be read by the expert, and where the files end up in the courts, the people involved, the methods by which they seek to obtain a judgment in their favour. Insurance companies try to avoid most of the times, and to provide details of the circumstances in which it end up being the victim of fraud.

The extent of the diversification and amplification of the insurance market in Romania, we have become witnesses of a phenomenon that varied greatly from the fraud.

The detective agency has extensive experience in identifying, documenting, investigating and proving the fraudulent activities in the field of all kinds of insurance, as well as in the litigation of complex criminal law on the crime of embezzlement, abuse of office, fraud with serious consequences, committed by the employees or by subcontractors.

How do you get the evidence in a situation like this?

In a lot of cases, some claim they are the result of some attempts of cheating, and many of them are difficult to prove, as there is a need for evidence for the insurance company to take or refrain from taking any damages. One of our detectives, what they specialize in these cases know what to look for and how to deal with a case of insurance fraud. On the basis of discussions with both the complainant and the witnesses, will be carried out rapoare depth as a result of which it will carry out the investigation.

The evidence in these investigations are obtained through various means, such as:

Reports on the investigations carried out;
– The statements of complainants, witnesses, and other involved parties in the event of the insured person.
– Sample type-the “trap” of the plaintiffs who resort to the fraud of the insurance company;
– Check the background of the applicant;
– Covert surveillance (surveillance).


Carry out activities to investigate fraud in the insurance business, such as:

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