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Adresa: Strada Cosminului, Nr. 19, Galati, ROMÂNIA
Adresa: Strada Cosminului, Nr. 19, Galati, ROMÂNIA


The investigations, operations, surveillance, and the running counter surveillance

I assume the operations of the survey? One of the most popular services provided by private investigators is the surveillance otherwise known as surveillance.This response attests to the customer....

Investigation of familial and marital

You have any doubts in regards to a life partner? If your partner's behavior seems changed, and that he/she is showing signs of change, we offer you the...

The investigation of the technical and safety

The protection of information systems In cyber-insecure as of today, it is not enough to protect the control system at the back of the solutions of the firewall. No matter if the problem is...

Investigations of legal persons,

Do you want to have information about a potential business partner. We provide our services in the investigation of economic and financial for the company or self-employed workers, in order to identify potential...

Why should you choose the services of a private detective?

The shock of the reality might be a little disturbing due to the difference between the known and the unknown, and we are only looking at the reality of the situation or the situation that people are facing at any given moment in the life of the family, in society and in business

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