Do you want to have information about a potential business partner.

We provide our services in the investigation of economic and financial for the company or self-employed workers, in order to identify potential business partners, or to the investigation of the companies involved. The quality of the agency's services is guaranteed by the professionalism and training of each private investigator, experienced and specialized in the fields of business, law and technology. Check out a business is to identify the identity of the company, as well as the analysis of the financial history of the company, business records, suppliers, customers, banking relationships, as well as the verification processes, and other actions. We offer the activities of undercover investigations in the context of companies in order to identify the factors of risk of leakage of information, and the manner of carrying out the tasks of the service by the staff. Our company guarantees full discretion, complete confidentiality with regard to any information provided by you or obtained by us at the time of the operation.

The most requested services by companies are as follows:

  • Specialized consultancy against leaks of information in the economy;
  • The development of the security policy of the company.
  • Information on the competition, counterfeit products and piracy.
  • The protection of the trademark and its patent;
  • The identification of the ways by which you are known to the professional data, the terms of the contract with the confidential information;
  • Information on the staff, or in the course of employment;
  • The investigation of cases of fraud in the banking and insurance sectors;
  • Investigations on the bad debts, and the establishment of methods for the recovery of the damages;
  • The investigation on the illegal employment;
  • The detection of counterfeit goods available on the market
  • The activities of the investigation and the establishment of measures for the protection of property and individuals;
  • The identification of the pathways of removal of the goods.
  • The identification of the fictitious companies, and in bankruptcy, showing debts to the state budget, the guarantees or mortgages, etc....

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We offer our full support in the activities of the consultants, free of charge, ensuring complete transparency. In addition, our customers will benefit from the latest techniques for the resolution of the cases because of their expertise in the field, and the skills acquired over the years.