The detective agency Heraclis providing professional services throughout the united states


Our team of private investigators can bring to bear in all counties of the country, both in urban and in rural areas. Whether it's a simple or major, we have all the skills and tools necessary for the successful completion of the issue that you are experiencing. Most of the times, it is difficult to găsesți the right person at the right time, just when you need it the most. That's why the detectives are Heraclis with the experience that they are at the moment, in any location, and developing interventions that have the most affordable costs.


Privacy policy

Your privacy is the most famous of which is the basis of the ethical principles of the detective agency Heralis. We maintain total discretion over the information obtained as a result of the activities carried out, these being intended exclusively for the client according to the law..


As private investigators, we are actively involved in the process of setting the main objectives and the maintenance of an on-going dialogue with the client. We have at our disposal technical equipment of the latest generation which support us in ensuring the success of the.

Carry out interventions on the dynamic out-of-country

Because of our partners, we internationalise the activity by the intervention, and shifts in the locations of the out-of-country, by means of which we can cover a wide range of services, regardless of whether it is the surveillance of individuals, the investigation of the nature of family, marital infidelity, or the detection of fraud in the company, as well as the research partners for the business.

The price of external contracts are negotiated based on the particularity of each case is dependent on such a location, the complexity of the operation, as well as the amount of time dedicated to its completion.

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Request a service and receive free advice

We offer our full support in the activities of the consultants, free of charge, ensuring complete transparency. In addition, our customers will benefit from the latest techniques for the resolution of the cases because of their expertise in the field, and the skills acquired over the years.