Do you wish to invest the capital in some real estate that does not present you with a warranty?

An investment in real-estate can be very lucrative, but you start off in this area requires a large amount of capital and the real estate market presents a framework for the development of the fraud through various methods, the most well known.

By using the services of our private investigation, you can be sure of the correctness of the facts and the legality of a transaction covered by the solvency and reliability of the real estate company you want to work on.


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Do you think that a detective agency can assist you in the verification of the documents?

We start the investigation with respect to the mortgages, the control of land, land ownership, wills, documents of title, powers of attorney, contracts and other documents, and the documents, as well as the verification of the documents, and the documents are out in the field.


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We offer our full support in the activities of the consultants, free of charge, ensuring complete transparency. In addition, our customers will benefit from the latest techniques for the resolution of the cases because of their expertise in the field, and the skills acquired over the years.