I assume the operations of the survey?

One of the most popular services provided by private investigators is the surveillance otherwise known as surveillance.

This response attests to the customer, if the person is hiding the truth with regards to certain actions for certain reasons. Basically, private investigators are the eyes and ears of the recipient. The obligation of a person in service of this service is to provide reports on the activities performed and information gathered. The power is essential in cases of criminal misconduct is to protect the rights of the person affected, and so as not to jeopardise the image of the latter.

We handle cases such as:

  • Investigations of nannies/carers;
  • The investigation dates online.
  • The investigation of the pre-nuptial;
  • The lease was unlawful, and
  • The GPS tracking;
  • The identification of the goods.
  • Violation of the terms of the contracts;
  • Theft prevention in department stores;
  • Running a background check on the employees.
  • Verification of the applicants ' RESUMES prior to hiring;
  • Harassment in the workplace;
  • Improper use of the property;
  • The identification of the evidence in support of the attorneys;
  • Investigations in support of the work of the local authorities, etc.

I assume the operations of the running counter surveillance?

Is a service in great demand in the field of business in the major cities, namely, the protection of the antifilaj more precisely the discovery, of devices for surveillance. Private detectives acting on a result of a route study, with well-chosen, it contains the key points in the determination of the surveillance of the external. Our experts will detect any breach of the security of you and will design a plan to secure your custom, which will prevent any risk of intrusion into your personal life while you are at home or traveling.

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