Private investigation in the field of energy

The energy industry has proven itself to be one of the most visited areas in the fraudulent activity has taken place through the various practices of extortion, and as this has grown, companies have been forced to rely on various preventive measures so as to adapt it to the conditions of the market.

So, as a result of the demands in this field, as an agency of investigation, we have been specialized in the research, in all cases, and the identification of loss of material as well as technical, is widely considered to be one of the best-known investigators in this range of activity.


How do we address the fraud of the energy?

Of these interventions, surveillance and investigation is completed by the provision of data and information, as well as a result of the suppression of the conspirators, or any organized group specializing in the crime sector. The experience acquired has been supplemented and enhanced on the basis of the knowledge applied in a practical situation gained from the contracts are carried out with leading companies in the renewable energy sector.

We believe that the results obtained by our investigators are all the more convincing by the front porch recuperar─ârii the damage recorded by the beneficiaries, and leaning up against the asset given preventirii in cases of fraud.

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